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What say you about the Eventide H9 Pedal?

Bob Reynolds

Son Set Beach

Here we are - and yes I have them... (We use the H9 Max in our set up)

Here we are - and yes I have them... (We use the H9 Max in our set up)

Bob Reynolds

Summary - Bob Reynolds

Professional Recording audio and video at the world class level is only the beginning to what Son Set Beach Productions is all about.

Son Set Beach Productions is honored to be able to help those that would otherwise perhaps never be able to accomplish the Artists goals in a timely fashion. I can only hope to serve in a capacity that allows the talents of those we work with to reach their potential in the true goals of our friends in the entertainment, performing arts, and music/video business.

As a new "Indie Label" Son Set Beach Productions is happy to be associated with ASCAP to ensure true accounting in the work being performed. Precognition is the name of our Publishing Company. This is the other half of our affiliation with ASCAP.

There are many jobs and works in progress that I hope to complete shortly. One of the main goals with Son Set Beach Productions is to focus on the Truth and the Truth will set you Free! Sounds cliché, however in this introduction I hope to convey a heartfelt love of the Arts and hope to be involved with those that are serving in the same capacity.

My other passion is Aviation and Aerospace.

I am an established Airline/Corporate/Med Flight Pilot.

Now Son Set Beach Music is the part of the organization that sells and music equipment and service and repair of tube amplifiers. We also maintain, service,  and repair electric and bass guitars. Currently we are an eCommerce company. However the powers at work right now are in line to start a brick and mortar location in Albuquerque, New Mexico very soon. At least that is the plan...