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                "Here we have a great core of dedicated people"

We have a True Passion for Guitar Amplification & Speaker Cabs


In The Beginning Playing Guitars was a quest for Tone. Also it seemed like the great cabs of our Guitar and Bass hero's were no longer available or the quality was just not what we wanted it to be.

So We Changed That!


Open Positions


We are looking for people that want to express their creative ideas in the quest for great tone.

Son Set Beach realizes it is a new and electronic world so let's hear your thoughts and visions.

Online Internet Gorilla's


  • Creative Internet marketing passion.

  • A love of the music and where we can make a difference.

  • Social networking strong suits.

  • The ability to have a great sense of integrity and honesty.

  • Have a great ear for the Tone!

Cabinet Builders



  • A master builder with Baltic Birch and Tolex

  • The ability to make the best product

  • Self-Starter and On Time.

  • Able to Leap small buildings with a single bound.

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