Guess What if you are in Albuquerque or can send us your Amplifier, We do repair and upgrades on MOST Tube Guitar & Bass amplifiers.

Transformers - Mercury Magnetics the Best!

Sorry No Solid State or Non-Tube Amps please.. 
Our guys are "super Analog smart" and have made tube amp circuits of world wide recognition. More info on this stuff coming soon.
Contact me for more sweet tone information.
Soon very soon we will have a new location in the NE Height in the A-Town. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

505-228-8131 or eMail me at


Over the years we at Son Set Beach have made good friends with the people at Demeter Amplification.

Their products and knowledge of sound and amplification are far beyond what the normal amp makers are in the music industry. For many reasons it is our pleasure to offer Demeter products from our web site.

We are preparing to offer Son Set Beach Tube Amplifiers soon. These will be  produced in conjunction with Demeter Amps design. The experience and genius of Mr. James Demeter will of course be in the front of this production. We feel this is just the right way to manufacture a Quality Tone Rich Amplifier that performs and sounds in perfect harmony with Son Set Beach custom speaker cabinets. 

Look for these soon as the new Son Set Beach amps will be out by mid-summer 2016. Son Set Beach Amplifiers "by Demeter" will be the amp to live with. You are going to LOVE these!

Here is One Product From Demeter Amplification. Look For more soon!