DEMETER TGA 2.1 Head Guitar Amp

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DEMETER TGA 2.1 Head Guitar Amp

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The legendary sound of the TGA-3 lives on in this newest amplifier design by James Demeter. The TGA-2.1 Guitar Amplifier, totally restyled inside and out, offers the great TGA sound and versatility. Offering a choice of both combo and amplifier head setups, and now available in both 50 and 100 watt configurations. This unit represents over two decades of experience and research to build the perfect amplifier at an affordable price.

These amplifiers deliver the warmth and clarity of a vintage Fender amplifier as well as the crunch of a Marshall plexie and the searing lead sound of the legendary Demeter TGA-3. Our guitar amplifiers are used by Ben Harper, Sonny Landreth, Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, Mike Ward, Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Doyle (the Misfits), and Jack Frost among numerous others.

Each amplifier is carefully hand wired using only the highest quality parts and tested at our factory in Templeton, California. You can see as well as hear the quality and attention to detail on both the inside and out.


  • All tube audio design
  • Two channel operation
  • Edge/solo footswitch on lead channel
  • Active presence control for crisp mids and sparkling highs
  • Separate gain and master for both channels both clean and lead
  • Tube buffered effects loop
  • Effects loop controls in front
  • Bright switch for clean channel
  • Pentode/triode (half power) switch
  • Optional lighted foot switch/cable
  • Hand Selected Sovtek 5881 output tubes
  • Tested select 12AX7a tubes
  • Hand wired steel chassis
  • Custom built transformers
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Notes on use:
The TGA-2.1 works like three amplifiers in one, but it’s important to note that the amp does this with 2 channels,
eliminating the need for redundant controls, which makes dialing in your tone a snap. The TGA-2.1 is a twochannel
amplifier, with two VARIATIONS of the second channel. Each option has its own tonal character.
CLEAN, EDGE, and SOLO are obvious references, but there is sufficient range built in to exceed those limits.
(Try cranking the Gain on the CLEAN channel for edgy, glass shattering lead tones like a Tweed Deluxe.)
The CLEAN channel is very clean, especially in BRIGHT mode (CLEAN GAIN knob pulled out.) As GAIN goes
higher, the tone gets more pick/hand sensitive, and more edgy.
The EDGE setting (channel two) starts where the CLEAN channel leaves off. It’s a bit more compressed, and the
dirt is trebly …think Marshall Plexi. In BOOST mode (pull the EDGE GAIN knob) it has at least as much gain
as the SOLO setting, but is voiced differently. It’s a fuller sound, more sensitivity, great for R & B and Funk.
The SOLO channel is bigger, gainier sounding, more of a roar.