Demeter Amplification VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box - The Best!


Demeter Amplification VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box - The Best!


The DI of Choice
Winner of the Acoustic Guitar Players Choice Award (1998)

The Demeter Tube Direct Box is the DI of choice for hundreds of studios, engineers, producers and artists the world over. The clear, warm quality of the Tube Direct enables it to maximize the sound of all types of musical instruments. Whether your application is an acoustic guitar pickup into a porta-studio or thousands of dollars of synths and samplers recorded direct-to-disk, the Demeter Tube Direct Box provides the highest fidelity available.

The original single-channel Tube Direct Box (VTDB-2B) is our most popular tube direct box. Used in the studio and on the road over twenty years, this is the choice for flexibility, portability and economy. It has the extremely high input impedance and tremendous headroom necessary to prevent loading and to preserve the wide dynamic range of the instrument.

What are some applications of the Tube Direct Box? The Tube Direct Box is being used by top artists, producers and engineers because it enables the true, uncolored sound of electric and amplified acoustic instruments to emerge. Here are some specific applications:

Acoustic guitar: the extremely high impedance (over 20 M) of the Tube Direct insures a perfect match with every pickup to provide a warmer, more natural sound-both live and in the studio.

Electric guitar (clean DI sound): the Tube Direct provides a clear, warm sound that retains all of the guitar's natural brilliance and harmonics for creating a viable (many feel the only) direct electric guitar sound with or without additional signal processing.

Electric guitar (amplified): the buffered 1/4" output jack can be used to drive an amplifier through up to 50 feet of guitar cable. It also prevents cable loading to produce a fuller sound from both single coil and humbucking pickups.

Pedalboards and effects devices: the buffered 1/4" output jack is ideal for running through all types of pedals and effects with virtually no signal loss.

Synthesizers, drum machines and samplers: the Tube Direct warms up the sound of the synthesizer and provides an ideal interface for the variety of synthesizer output levels and impedances.

Digital and hard disk recording: the clarity and sheen of digital and hard disk recording can sometimes seem a little harsh or more brittle than desired. Judicious use of the Tube Direct can often mitigate this problem at several points in the recording chain, including mix-down.

Input Connections    1 x 1/4" TS phone (unbalanced)
Output Connectors    1 x XLR (balanced)
1 x 1/4" TS phone (unbalanced)
Input Level    Instrument (-20 to -5dB)
Output Level    -20dB (with 16dB of boost)
Frequency Response    7Hz to 100kHz (unity)
20Hz to 20kHz (gain mode)
Noise    Better than 100dB
Power    Internal transformer
Dimensions (WxDxH)    8" x 5" x 2"
Weight    4 lbs
Specialties    The buffered 1/4" phone output can be used to drive an amplifier through up to 50 feet of guitar cable. It also prevents cable loading to produce a fuller sound from both single coil and humbucking pickups
Shipping Info
Shipping Weight    2.68 lb
Box Dimensions (WxHxD)    6.1 x 5.0 x 10.25

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The Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box is a single channel DI box that has a 1/4 inch input and output as well as an XLR output for sending this to a board or audio interface.  It also has switches for grounding and for boosting.  This unit was made in the USA.



There's nothing really to operating this DI box as it is just as simple as using any other DI box out there.  Simply plug in your connections and let it do its work.  Having the ground switch is a big plus as it comes in handy a lot as is the boost switch.  Beyond this there isn't much to say about using this DI box except for how easy it is!  I've never seen the manual for the Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box, but one isn't necessary as you can figure it out without one.


The sound quality of the Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box is really clean and this box definitely does the job well.  I mostly use this for recording bass guitar and digital keyboards but it is suitable for anything that you would want to record direct and is also great for live shows.  Since it has real tubes in it you can definitely hear them at work producing a very warm tone, but at the same time your signal will be clean and you will be hearing exactly what the signal is.  There aren't too many direct input boxes out there that have real tubes in it, so that is a big plus when it comes to the Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box.


I first used the Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box about a year ago and it has become one of my favorite direct input boxes to use.  Even though I don't have access to it all of the time, when I do it is always a pleasure to use because I end up getting a perfect direct sound for what I am trying to do.  Since this is a pretty special DI box, the price of this unit is expensive and unless you are a professional I might stray away from it because of this heavy price tag.  However, this is pretty much a perfect DI box besides the huge price tag and if you are professional looking for top notch sound regardless of the price, the Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct Box is a great way to go!