Mission Engineering KM-212P


Mission Engineering KM-212P


The look and feel of a classic 4×12 at a fraction of the size and weight.

The KM-212P is the first conventional guitar speaker cabinet optimized for use with modelers. The KM-212P is ideal for those who prefer a traditional guitar cab over full range speaker. A slanted baffle with two diagonally opposed, extended high frequency drivers provides improved high frequency response and dispersion over a typical cabinet, without requiring tweeters and crossovers like a full range monitor.

With two 12″ 4lb neodymium drivers, and a 26 x 28 cabinet, the KM-212P weighs a little over 49lb and can be easily carried by one person using the strong metal side carry handles.

The KM-212P is designed to be compatible with the Kemper Profiler PowerHead and PowerRack. It can also be used with other modelers and solid state and tube power amplifiers. Unlike most full range monitors, it can also be used with regular guitar amp heads too.

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2x12 diagonal slanted speaker cabinet with black finish and white piping

2x12 diagonal slanted speaker cabinet with green finish and silver piping

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Nominal Impedance 16 Ohm

Power rating 250W

Frequency range 80Hz-5kHz

Sensitivity 101dB

Driver magnet Neodymium

Cabinet construction Baltic Birch

Weight 49.5lbs

Dimensions 26″x28″x14″